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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still in the hills

Today is just beautiful. Sunny, warm but not hot. A gentle breeze is blowing. Alan and I are just enjoying the "view."

We will be visiting with David and Linda tonight. I'm posting the newest pictures of our family members here. That's Dave and Linda on the left -- we went out to brunch after church on Sunday. The picture on the right is me, Deb, and David.

So, tonight we're going to see a play at the local Playhouse. We're looking forward to more time with David and Linda this evening.

Yesterday, Alan and I visited with an old classmate of his from Rift Valley Academy (and his classmate's family). It was a great day. We decided that "old" was the definitive word. You just never know what a person is going to look like when you see them after 40 years. The hair is gray, the body is bent, although I have to say, Steve and Elizabeth are remarkably straight backed considering our ages. We're all the same age.

So, we reminisced -- or rather Alan and Steve and Elizabeth did -- but I enjoyed the conversation, and discovered so many things we have in common. Steve and Elizabeth gave up on the school system early on in their children's lives and home educated their children, as did Alan and I. They have four children, we have three.
Alan and I will be packing it up tomorrow. We're not sure what else we're going to do then. Maybe head home early, maybe not. I want to be at the pool opening on Saturday, but probably won't happen. It will be our first miss in seven years.
I'll be back in full-swing next week with more remembrances, I hope, of life with the Drexlers/Hahns/Evangelistas/Sbaraglias. Who know which part of the family will be memorialized in print.

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