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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sense of humor

I wish I had my father's sense of humor. He could take any topic and make something funny out of it.

I think that's why he was so good at teasing us when his hearing started to diminish.

It was amazing. He could always hear my soft-spoken daughter, Becky. And he could always hear soft-spoken Sue (Mark's wife). But me -- he would take anything I said to him and turn it around or make a sentence out of what I said that rhymed with what I said but was nowhere near what I had uttered. (Do you like that word? Uttered? It's more than one syllable.)

So dad would find humor in the most unusual ways. I remember in college I had to write a "semantics" essay. That is, take one word and work it into an essay using all the meanings that you could think of for that word and it's derivatives.

Well, I picked "vertigo." Dad helped me with it and we worked so much humor into that essay that my professor read the essay to the class as an example of how to use one word in a semantics essay. I got an "A". Or, rather, daddy got an "A". I did type it, does that count?

Actually, I wrote it and daddy added the humorous parts, thinking that with humor you can get your audiences attention better and probably the professor would enjoy it more than some other dull, boring litigious paper.

So, I try in these little snippets to inject some humor from time to time. I hope I making the mark.

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