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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A walk through the garden

When I was in Runnemede, one of the things I did -- and I by no means did all I had intended on doing because three days just wasn't enough time -- one of the things I did was to go through the garden at the house and tell my daughter and granddaughters and I think my niece was with us as well about the plants around the house. Some of them are in the pictures with this BLOG.

It was refreshing for me to revisit the garden. My mom so loved her garden and her plants, and I imagine that late in her life when she could no longer physically visit her garden she would think about it and recall the days when she was able to work it and get those plants of hers to their beautiful best.

Some of the plants have grown so much in the intervening years, unbelieveably so. I was so amazed to see the size of the lilac bush, her pink rose climber, the holly tree she started from a rooting from my bush in Cincinnati, a dogwood tree, also started from a runner from my dogwood tree.

And I was disappointed that so many of the bushes she had grown and tended were no longer around.

I hope the girls had an enjoyable journey around her garden as I told them what each plant was. At least they didn't run off to do something else, so I must have captivated their attention.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doctors, etc.

I posted an update to Alan's and my life (currently) on It doesn't have anything to do with Runnemede, but explains how we are continuing our life now that we're back in N. KY. Notice I didn't say "back home" because for as long as I live, Runnemede will be "home".


Monday, June 7, 2010


I posted my Runnemede Remembered BLOG to the wrong BLOG today. The title of the BLOG that I intended to put on Runnemede Remembered went into the Runnemede Remembered Recipes BLOG. OOPS!

I included pictures from my recent trip to Runnemede in the posting and entitled it, "Giggles."

If you want to see the pictures and read the post about "Giggles" go to

Sorry 'bout that!