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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Church in Runnemede

The entitled this THE CHURCH in Runnemede, because as far as I'm concerned there is and was only one church in the town, whereas in reality there are three. The ONE church is Mt. Calvary Union Church

I just received word that the church will be pastorless at the end of June. Finding a Bible teacher to fill Pastor Bill's shoes will be difficult. Expository Bible teachers are few and far between these days, and the church is really a small, country church.

The parsonage is cozy, but I love that home. The house was renovated after daddy left and the bathroom completely gutted and redone. There's actually a shower in the tub now. Wow! There is, however, only one bathroom in the house. I know I've mentioned that before. And, that can be a problem is there is a family with children. The living room is 12x12, the dining room is 12x12 with a floor to ceiling bay window on the west side which makes the DR seem larger, and the kitchen is also 12x12, and you can eat in it, because there is enough room for a table. However, if it were my kitchen, I would put a stationary counter in the middle making more counter space, which is limited (very limited). The kitchen was also redone, and cabinets were added after daddy left the house.

Anyway, pray for the search committee. They will have a tough job. In just two years the church will be 100 years old. Will it make it to 100 years? I pray that it does. Whether the numbers in attendance are large or not, the church has consistently enjoyed expository Bible teaching over the past 98 years. What a blessing for those who attend.

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