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Monday, May 26, 2008

The fat lady is singing

Well, Memorial Day 2008 is over. And the fat lady (that would be me) is singing. We had a great day. One that we will remember for a long time.

First we had the community flag raising and Alan had the duty to pray. He prayed a very special prayer, and there were few dry eyes when he finished. Then the flag was raised and we all went into the clubhouse for coffee and donuts and fellowship.

I was surprised that so many came to the gathering. I think we had over 50 people. It was really nice. I know we have more than 50 people in the community, but given that probably one-half of the residents were away today -- judging from the lack of cars in the parking areas -- it was a good showing of support for our troops.

Then we had the family picnic. It rained. But that was not a deterrent. We stayed at the park and it cleared up. I wimped out and went to the car during the rain, but went back to the picnic area after it stopped. The rest of the family got wet, but they didn't care.

I think all the grandchildren had a great time. We had one child throw up -- a tradition! Every year that I can remember, one of the grandchildren eats too much junk and throws up. So why should this year be any different, right? It was okay. It was outside and only the grass got dirty. We poured water over the offense and it dispersed quickly and you'd never know that someone was sick at that place in the grass. Makes you want to take your shoes off and run through the park, right? You never know where someone has been sick, and what your bare feet are running through.

After the picnic we went our separate ways and Becky and her family came to our house. Rosie came too for a while and then Amy and Rachel and David came for a little bit. Rosie, Amy, Rachel, and David were going to Bob Evans for dinner and since we live two blocks from the place, they stopped in after the picnic which was great. I'm glad they came over.

Then Alan decided the family should watch the movie ET which was showing on Nick at Night. So we all watched ET again. Cute movie. I especially love the part where the little girl screams when she first sees ET.

Well, that was our day. I hope you had a memorable day as well. Signing off for now.

NOTE ON PICTURES: Top picture is Rosie, Rachel and David. Bottom picture is Annie, Rosie, Gracie, and Rachel.

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