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Friday, May 30, 2008

The fat lady sings

I started a new BLOG today -- It's all about me! I decided that I needed an outlet to write about me and Alan and what I'm thinking about things on a daily basis that have nothing to do with Runnemede, the Sbaraglias, the Drexlers, or the Evangelistas which is the purpose of this BLOG.

So, I now have two BLOGS, but the fat lady BLOG really is about me. I don't know how often I'll write on it, but I don't like to "journal" with a pen in a book because my hands hurt too much. Typing isn't a problem, thus the BLOG. It may be easier for me to keep a journal for my thoughts, my insights in God's word, my favorite things, etc. rather than putting them here in the family space.

You all can comment in the comment section about this BLOG anytime you want, and that really helps add to the family "lore". Don't by shy.

I'll be back later with today's epistle -- maybe -- I haven't thought of a topic yet. :):):)

Oh yeah, the fat lady BLOG is open so you can check it out if you want.

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