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Monday, May 26, 2008

I did it!

I did it! I actually got out the iron and ironed two articles of clothing today.

You all know how much I despise ironing. I don't thank God for the man who invented the iron, electric or otherwise. I mean, what's wrong with wrinkles. They even make material that is wrinkled already!

Well, Alan had to wear black slacks to the Memorial Day ceremony here in N. Kentucky, and a white shirt. Fortunately, all his white shirts had been ironed last year and he hadn't worn them since I ironed them. Yeah! But his black slacks he wears a lot, and they had just been washed. They didn't come out of the dryer in good enough condition for a semi-military function, so I got out the old iron and pressed his pants.

After I finished I thought they looked pretty good. Then he put them on and they were as wrinkled as they were when I started. What happened? I know the iron was hot enough, and there was enough water for a good steam flow, and they looked good when I gave them to him.

Oh, well, I tried. I even ironed my one and only red, white, and blue shirt for the occasion. I only wear it twice a year because, even though it is a pullover t-shirt-type material, it is 100% cotton. You all know that cotton needs to be ironed, right? Even 50% cotton needs to be ironed.

Since I bought a few things several years ago that I found out after buying had to be ironed, I checked the labels, and yep---cotton. While I love the feel of cotton, I loathe ironing. So now, I don't order or buy any clothing that has any cotton in it (except underwear which I would never iron).

I recently bought some beautiful pillow cases -- 400-plus count cotton -- I figured at that high count there would be no ironing. WRONG. They wrinkled just as much as 125-count cotton does. They look like silk though, so I put up with ironing them twice a year. I only use them for guests. The rest of the year I use poly-cotton pillow cases (Martha Stewart brand). They seem to need no ironing even with the cotton in them.

So, that's my tale of woe for today. Ironing. Yikes! I don't want to do that again this year.

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