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Saturday, May 24, 2008

As he lay dying

This is about my father, as he lay dying. Now, I wasn't there, but my sister was, and she related this little tidbit last Sunday when we were all enjoying a repast after church (in Tennessee -- see previous post).

We were talking about my father and his love for the Word of God and how he shared it no matter when or where he was.

Well, it seems that in his final days, Deb and Jim went to visit him, and he told them he was just to busy to be with them at that time (of their visit) because he was having a conversation with the Sanhedrin. Yes, I can imagine my father discussing the Word (Old Testament portion) in great detail with the members of the Sanhedrin. He probably knew it better than they did!

Anyway, it was a little story about dad that I thought you all would enjoy.

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