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Monday, March 31, 2008

Udate on Aunt Daisy

Aunt Daisy is the lady, my mother's oldest sister, who suffered a stroke when she was a relatively young woman (early 40s) and was paralyzed until she died.

Recently, in visiting with Micki (her daughter, Martha) I garnered more information about this woman. All Micki kept telling me was about her mother's endurance, her ability to strive through adversity, and her relationship with Christ. Daisy's relationship with our Lord is what helped her survive.

And she didn't keep her faith to herself, either. She told Micki many times that whatever she (Micki) did, she needed to make sure she would do it only if she could take Jesus along with her. That was a hard thing for Micki to adhere to being in show business. But she tried, she tells me.

In fact, she blames her "lack of success" in "show business" on the fact that she turned down many "gigs" because she couldn't take Jesus with her -- several requests for her to be in Las Vegas shows being one thing. Micki told me that every time she would think of taking a job in a bar or as an opener for a "girly" show, the voice of her mother would pop in her head, and she would turn it down.

It also occurred to me that all of Daisy's children had Bible names: Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Martha, Esther, Grace (well grace is the theme of more than one book, right?), Elizabeth (we called her Bette), and David. I guess she wanted and hoped that her children's names signified to others that she read her Bible and knew the characters in it. And, she prayed that all her children would follow her Lord as well.

BTW: Micki ended each one of her radio/TV broadcasts, with: Thanks to all you out there, and especially you, mom.

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jaimegomes said...

Judi, I know your post is over 2 years old, but I just read it for the first time. I am the great-granddaughter of Trosolina 'Daisy' Evangelista, granddaughter of Ruth Evangelista. I also, just found out about our family connections, and strangely enough, know your nephew, Micah and his wife, Cara, from Bible college. Thanks for sharing what you know of our family. I never knew my grandma, as she died of cancer within a year of my parents' wedding. The Evangelista side of my family has always seemed like a bit of a mystery to me, not having had my grandma in my life. I am so thankful for the godly heritage she left to me. Great-Grandma Daisy's faith must have been strong too, because I have been told that her husband was an awful man, and she was able to pass her faith along to her children.