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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have three friends from Answers in Genesis ( who have BLOGs and which I religiously, every day, check on to see if they've updated them.

I haven't put a link to them on purpose because, frankly, they're my friends and I don't want to share them with anyone -- NOT. I just haven't asked them if I could share their postings with my family and that world, and so I'll just share them with you in this BLOG (today) and be done with it.

First, I got into BLOG mode thanks to Stacia McKeever. Stacia was the person I worked with most at AiG. She's a writer (gifted) and if you search her things out at the AiG site you'll see what I mean. Her BLOGs are funny and they mean little to anyone except those who actually know her. Through her BLOG I've found a side of her I didn't know existed -- her humor. She can be one funny lady. Stacia's BLOG is entitled, Notes from the Holler, ( and you might want to give her BLOG a gander. The comments are not to be missed. Don't skip over the comments because some of them are funny as well.

The second lady whose BLOG I don't miss is Stephanie Zovath ________, she's married and I can't recall her last name, but her husband's name is Ben. Do I get points for that? Her children's names are London and Clay. Do I get points for that? Sorry I can't remember her new/old last name. I mean, she married Ben at least 5 years ago. Her BLOG is entitled Wabi Sabi Girl, ( and she writes like a mom -- a full-time mom, and her topics have mainly to do with enduring life as a young mother with two very young children and another one on the way. Humorous. So relatable. She has written a children's book, and it's available from Answers in Genesis -- check out that website and buy the book. The book's title is Not too small at all -- a mouse's tale. And I found Stephanie's not-so-new last name -- it's Townsend. Duh!

The third woman whose BLOG I check every day is Frost Smith's. Frost is a genius. Actually, Stacia and Stephanie are too, but in a different way. Frost knows computers, and she knows programming. She's not just a computer user, she makes things happen on the computer that only geniuses can make happen. Frost is a working mother. Her topics are mostly about her daughter, Mariah (Ri). Her BLOG is entitled, Fruitful Fulminations, and you can read her BLOG at Frost even gets into "deep thoughts" about the Bible. Read the comments (again). Frost's BLOG is a little more intense than Stephanie's or Stacia's, but worth the read.

Again, thanks ladies for keeping me entertained from time to time. And your updates were a nice relief when I got home. I really missed you while I was in the land(s) of no internet, and received great pleasure when I returned home and got caught up on your lives while I was warm in the sun, and you all obviously were freezing in the snow and ice.

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Fro said...

I missed your blogging, too. Welcome back! (And thanks for the kind words!)