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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunny Hop

Okay, here's one to bring back memories -- Do the Bunny Hop. Hop, hop, hop. If you dare to click on the annoying link to the song and lyrics, go ahead.

I was thinking about Easter and visiting with my young grandchildren on Sunday. Well, this year, I thought Me-mom is going to do something with the children instead of just saying "Hello. How are you doing?" I am going to teach them the Bunny Hop. I think I taught it to my own children. It should be a fun thing to do.

Now, I'm not a supporter of the way the world celebrates Easter -- bunnies and eggs and jelly beans. I prefer church and remembering the real reason we celebrate Easter -- Jesus' resurrection from death to life. So that said...

Back to the Bunny Hop. Back in the 50s it was a fun thing to do -- even at the skating rinks -- they let us do the Bunny Hop -- try doing that on roller skates (blades) -- the hopping part, that is. That and the Hokey Pokey -- but that's another remembrance. So we did the bunny hop all over town, I kid you not. We'd form a line and start at one end of the street and work our way to the other end (not actually all over town, really).

So, you all need to know about the Bunny Hop (hop, hop, hop) and do it just for fun, not as a start to a family Easter tradition or anything. Just enjoy the moves.

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