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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring break series Part I

I don't remember much about "spring" break when I was a child or teenager. It was EASTER break. It always preceded Easter and we were back in school on Easter Tuesday (the Tuesday after Easter).

All I remember was that it was a nice break and that the weather was usually cold and dreary. I guess I preferred the later Easters rather than the early ones (wasn't this year an early Easter -- it sure sneaked up on me) simply because the weather was nicer and I could play outdoors.

We never did anything specifically interesting during those few days away from school. And it was a few days, usually Wednesday through Monday. The only things I can recall doing I wrote about yesterday -- getting new clothes and dipping eggs and being in church.

Even my time as a teenager -- I don't remember doing much during that time. I do know that I never went to Florida during spring break and yes, there may be some bitterness there, but in hindsight I can see what God protected me from since Alan and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation in Panama City Beach during spring break in 2004. You'd think heavy girls would know that bikinis don't look attractive on their bodies! 'Nuf said.

I don't even recall that the extended family (the Italians) got together with each other to share a ham dinner (or was it lamb?) during that time. However, as you will see in the next couple of BLOGs things changed when I had my own family.

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