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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ice Cream

I've talked about going down to "Joe's" to get ice cream when I was a child and into my adult years. The whole time I lived in Runnemede, Joe's was the place to go to get ice cream cones. And they cost all of 25 cents. (that's the double dip cost)

How times have changed. Alan and I enjoy going over to Graeter's (the local ice cream eatery) once in a while for an after-dinner cone. Of course, we're both double dippers. Tonight we went to Graeters, and we haven't been there since before this past summer. Something always was "in the way" of our getting out of the house and actually getting in the car to go over to Graeter's.

Well, tonight we BOTH really wanted some ice cream so we went over to Graeter's. Now, I broke my toe this morning so I'm not walking very good. Fortunately, it's not the foot I use to drive the car. So with my good foot in it's proper position(s) I drove us over to the drive-up window at Graeter's -- the one across from St. Luke's Hospital.

Sticker shock!!!!!!! Boing!!!! Two double dips cost $10.26. The last time we order two double dips it was $8.25. I couldn't believe much the price had gone up since we last visited our favorite ice cream dippery. I guess that's it for this year. :)

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