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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring break -- Part III

Now, we're up to modern day. These days. Now it's my time to be a grandmother. My children didn't have a local grandmother, and I don't know what, if anything, they recall of either of their grandmothers.

We tried to head back east at least once a year to visit with my parents and Alan's parents and thus let the children get to know their grandparents. I'm not sure how well that worked out.

Older folks don't have the patients with active little ones (speaking from personal experience as well as observation). I know my dad did some weird things with them -- teasing type things. And he had special names for my three children (Mavis, Maud, and Magirk). My mom, when she was able, was usually in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. At the end of her life, she was usually just sitting in her chair, but she did listen to the children. I wouldn't be surprised if she took the girls on a walk through her garden, explaining to them what each plant was. I know she did that with me, many times in my life. And while I couldn't tell a rose from a weed when I was growing up, I have a pretty good knowledge of plants -- wild flowers included.

Alan's mom and dad were similar, except those grandparents were game players, and that's how they "entertained" the children. They played board games. My children love board games. I'm not overly fond of games of any kind. Most of the time, I opted out of the board game fests.

Anyway, it's now my turn to do "spring" break things with my grandchildren. So in the next two weeks I'll be as busy as my legs will allow doing things with my various grandchildren.

This week is scrap booking with Rose and Rachel. David didn't seem interested in a "play date" this week, and Matthew I can't handle yet. Next week, I'll have the opportunity to spend time with Cyndi's and Becky's children. I know what Tori and I will be doing. I lent her a camera and she's taking pictures of her friends and the family and we're going to download them and pick and choose several to print out for her to make an album with.

I would like to have Adam and Jonah come over as well. They're more Pop-pop children than grandmother children because Pop-pop has all those cars to play with.

I doubt I'll get Shandon to come over, but maybe I will, who knows. He's a sweet young man, and he's very friendly and talkative whenever he happens to answer the phone or when we're alone waiting for family events to begin.

So, that's what spring breaks are these days. Grandparents days. I love 'em.

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