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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Part II

When I had my own children, again, I don't recall that we did anything other than shopping for new clothes (new from Goodwill) and dipping eggs and getting a ham dinner ready. By the time my children were with us, and we had moved to Cincinnati, there were no more Good Friday services. Except for the Catholic churches in this area, we could find no afternoon service and our church had a Good Friday evening service only for a few years, then it was dropped. Easter of course -- Resurrection Sunday -- was a celebration -- for me it was also work.

I was always church pianist or church organist, and as such Easter required extra music on my part, that meant practicing -- although I probably over practiced. And it meant being at the church earlier than my husband thought was necessary. So the girls and I would head to church at the time I needed to be there, and my husband and son would enter later (sort of like a late grand entrance).

So my girls and son will have to let me know what we did at Easter time during their short Easter breaks (usually Good Friday through Easter Monday).

I think we had a couple of egg hunts in the house, but I'm not clear on that.
I do know that Easter Bunny was like Santa Claus -- a myth, not to be thought about. The purpose of celebrating Easter break was to think about what the Lord had done for us those three days -- the day of his crucifixion, the days he was in the ground, and the day of his resurrection.

So that's what we did with our children.

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