Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here's a funny note. Every year my husband writes a letter to each grandchild when it's their birthday. Adam's birthday is tomorrow and Alan wrote him his annual epistle. He was mentioning Adam's heritage and just happened to say that he would be proud how Memom's father pestered a church for over 50 years. I think he meant pastored. We laughed over that mistake. Poor Alan, spelling was never his strong point.

BTW, my father didn't pester his congregation. I think it was just the opposite. The further removed he was from them, the happier he was. He hated conflict, and if something didn't get done, he wasn't about to pester anyone to get it done. Did he pastor? That's a matter of opinion. He did what he had to do to lead his flock. He believed that meant teaching, indoctrinating the people in God's Word until it became so ingrained in them that they were, therefore, pastored. He visited the sick, he gave communion to the sick, he had mom send cards to the ill and infirm, he listened to people as they told him their problems. But pester? I don't think so.

Get the difference?

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