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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fifth of July 2008

Even though it is not the fourth of July, I can still hear the "bombs bursting in air", so to speak. What a display of fireworks I viewed tonight! Wow! There were three towns going off all at the same time, and these were better than last night.

It so reminded me of the times I sat on my front porch in Runnemede and watched the fireworks that were at the ball field about 8 blocks away. It wasn't that I was too lazy to walk that far. It's just that the view from the porch was just fine and, well, I guess in retrospect, I WAS too lazy to walk down to the ball fields. But, and this is a big "but" I had a nice comfy chair to sit on when I view the fireworks on the porch, whereas if I had gone to the ballfield, I would have had to either stand for the whole extravaganza or I would have had to sit on the cold, hard ground, or lug a blanket to the field and sit on that. So sitting on my front porch had its benefits.

My daughter Becky and her children came over to the house after the picnic and we had hamburgers grilled on the stove, then after supper two of the three children went swimming. Dan decided he would rather play a game with Pop-pop (they played Cat-opoly) than go swimming. He loves playing games with his grandfather!

And shortly after 8 o'clock Becky left for Indiana. It's a shame she didn't stay just a little bit longer. The children would have loved the fireworks. But I understand. Tomorrow is a big day at her church. The whole mission team (that went to Arizona with them) will be in town and there will be a picnic on the grounds, and then her church is having a big fireworks display tomorrow night to celebrate the week of back yard VBS -- they have 12 separated Back Yard Bible Schools going on this week. Becky and her family are very excited about the number of people who wanted to have a Bible School in their yard.

So, I believe for Alan and me, anyway, the 2008 Independence Day celebrations have come to an end. But, we live in Kentucky, and one never knows. This is the land of fireworks!

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