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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad things DO happen

I remember one instance -- and my brother Mark will hate me for putting this into a BLOG, but too bad.

My brother, Mark, was attending Philadelphia College of the Bible at the time, so he was in his early 20s. Always the prankster, he wondered what it would be like to write: "This is hold-up" on a bank deposit slip, while he was INSIDE a bank.

He got no further than writing the note and he was seized, handcuffed, interrogated, and all those things you see done to suspects (bad guys) on Dragnet.

It took quite a while for him to explain he wasn't really even thinking about robbing a bank. He was a divinity student. He was studying to be a preacher. Preachers don't rob banks.

Police don't believe students. He spent a few hours sweating that one out, I'll tell you.

I wonder if he has a record?

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Lori said...

Dad won't hate you. He's told that story in church before. It one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard!!! He passed that note to a friend who told a bank person to be funny back and it got him in a WHOLE lot of trouble. I can just imagine how much he must have been sweating that one out!