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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon fashion show

Now, when I was a child or teenager or any time at all that I lived in Runnemede, I never, ever attended a fashion show, at least I don't think so. The old rememberer doesn't remember well any more.

But today, I attended a community fashion show. It was so much fun. It was after church, the luncheon started at 12:30 and no men were permitted to attend. It was just for the ladies of our community.

I, of course, was NOT a model. They don't make model clothes in my vertically challenged, waist enhanced size, so I just watched while the taller ladies who still have a waist modeled.

There were a few young people (under 45) there, but most of us are in our 60s or older. The models were all in their 70s (or older). When you get over 65, you don't mind telling your age, at least I find that true for the ladies here where we live. Youngsters will lie about their age, but we brag about how long we've survived!

So, I went to this luncheon, on the hottest day of the year. The A/C worked well, and even with a crowd of 52 ladies (in a room that has a fire limit of 53) that's saying a lot.

The clothes were beautiful. I did notice that the XL size tag on one of the items was worn by a size 10 lady, so that tells me that if I bought that XL, which I normally fit into with room to spare, I KNOW it would be too small on me. I mean, come on, she weighs a good 100 pounds fewer than I.

After the show, door prizes were given out. I NEVER win in the door prize drawings. I also NEVER buy any tickets for the door prize drawings, but the ticket for lunch was a ticket for a door prize, and then on the tables they had tags for us to put our names on for another drawing. I didn't win that, either.

I usually am rude and talk to my neighbor during the drawings because I know it will be the same ones that always win. And guess what, it was!

So, I'm home now, getting ready to carry out another family tradition -- a Sunday afternoon name.


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