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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prayer meeting -- now days

Alan and I were coming home from Bible Study/Prayer meeting. No problem. We do this every week. However, the problem arises the next morning. I think it's THURSDAY.

You see, for over 60 years of my life Bible Study/Prayer meeting was held on Wednesday night. Why the change? It's all Alan's fault.

He was teaching a series on Psalms at the church he has picked out for us to join, but we still attend the weekly Bible study/prayer meeting for the church we used to attend.

With me so far?

So, to honor Alan in his endeavor as a teacher, and because they knew I wanted to be at Bible study/Prayer meeting with my friends of 35 years, they moved it to Tuesday night.

Don't be under any misconception that the entire church changed its Bible study/prayer meeting just for me. Oh, no. Most people in the church don't even attend anything like that. This was just for the group of "oldies" that have gone to the church for the last 30 years who have met for the last 15 years for prayer and Bible study.

My mind, however, hasn't adjusted. It still thinks that it's Wednesday night. I'm looking for Wednesday night 10 o'clock TV programs, and thinking all the things I have to do tomorrow, Thursday.

I'll get it straightened out. I do every week. But the traditional Wednesday night (mid-week) Bible study/prayer meeting is now on Tuesday. I don't really care. I love it and I won't miss it unless I'm in a real bad way physically.


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