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Sunday, July 20, 2008

After the nap -- THE STORM

I've mentioned storms that I experienced in Runnemede. Well, early this evening, while I was working on my computer, I noticed it was getting dark -- no biggie -- we had a storm earlier in the day, and I figured it was so hot the storms had a chance to refire. Then I heard the dreaded siren warnings.

I looked outdoors and the sky was green -- not a good sign. I asked Alan to turn on one of the local TV channels to see what was going on -- there's no TV in my office. He did, he found out, he turned it back to NASCAR racing. I asked, what's up? He said, there's a tornado indicated in Florence, no worry for us.

I said, "Have you looked outside?" He said, "No, that's what you're for." Not a good start to assuage my fears. I fear tornadoes. What right-minded person doesn't? I've had dreams of tornadoes just missing me since I was a kid in Runnemede.

I remember huddling in the basement during a bad storm and looking up and seeing wind blowing everything down in its path, passing between our house and the house next door. I remember dreaming that same scenario for years and years and years. I'll probably have that dream tonight.

But Alan was unconcerned. So I went to the porch side of the house -- which is where the storms end up, and it was boiling over my daughter's (Cyndi's) house, and I TOLD Alan to "get out here" and "look at that!" Pictures are above for you to see. These pictures taken through a torrential downpour, so the quality isn't as good as I would have liked, but you get the picture.
Alan's response: "That's pretty dark, isn't it?" Then back to his races.

Well, the storm passed and we are fine, and I assume Cyndi is fine. And now it's just hot again. More of the same expected tomorrow. Now, I wish I had gone to visit my sister as planned!


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