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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Silk vs. polyester

First, thanks to all who come to my BLOG -- last week was a record week with twice as many hits (not page views) as the week before. I am glad that someone is reading this. You might want to also hit on The Fat Lady Singeth -- that's really a diary of what Alan and I are doing from day to day. Some of those epistles are funny, some are not so funny.

Next, is the topic for today.

When I was growing up and had to do my own ironing, none of my clothing contained any polyester. That's why I had to iron everything.

But as I grew (both in age and girth) I found that the only material available for a person of my size was polyester, or cotton and polyester (making it easier to iron, but still requiring ironing), or T-shirt material dyed a different color, but still T-shirt material.

Yesterday, though, I was at Macy's (I remember Macy's from the time when we lived in Brooklyn, and the two white sales I plunged into with 100 other screaming, fighting women) and found a blouse that I absolutely loved. It was silk -- 100 percent silk. I bought it. And I didn't pay and arm and a leg for it either. It was really, really reduced in price.

I recall when I was in my early 20s I had a beautiful silk dress -- my favorite Sunday church dress. It had long sleeves, so I could wear it for three seasons. It was beautiful. Somewhere in our picture archives -- not yet found -- there is a picture of me and Alan standing in front of one of Mom's Christmas trees, and I'm wearing that dress.

So, for all you not-size-zero or size-two women out there. Take heart. There are some clothes that aren't old lady polyester, T-shirt material clothing. You just have to rummage through the sales tables at Macy's!

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