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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It's been almost a year since my sister first came to visit me. Now, her sciatic nerve is hurting her so bad, we both realize that a trip to visit me again, might be never or far in the future. Deb's the pretty one on the right.

What brought this to mind was that this time last year, or close to it, we were enjoying breakfast on the lanai/veranda/sun porch/ enclosed deck (still haven't decided what to call it). And this year I still haven't had a morning when the porch has been warmed by the sun enough to enjoy sitting out there with a cup of coffee.

My mom used to relish her sister's, (Anne) visits. I remember them chattering away while working in our small kitchen saying things like, "Do you remember when we used to...." and "Remember when mom would...." Do you recall when Joe (their brother) did .....?" They spent their time as my sister and I did, reminiscing about things gone by. One of the things they talked about a lot was sticking their feet in their mom's oven (when it was empty) to keep their feet warm. When they spoke of what their mom would do or say, it was usally in Italian -- in which my mom was fluent.

They so enjoyed each other's company. Mom loved her sister, Fran, as well, but their comraderie, which was far less often, wasn't as "noisy" as my mom's visits with Aunt Anne. Maybe it was the closeness in age mom had with Aunt Anne. Aunt Fran was a bit older than my mother.

I'm loving getting to know my sister again, and it's been a couple of years that I've been enjoying the chattering comraderie with her.

We're getting together in Tennessee (a shorter drive for her) in mid-May for a few days and I'm really looking forward to it.

The last time she was here, she left a pillow and a blankie. I was hoping that she would return to "pick them up", but she didn't. I shall have to return them to her when I see her in May.

Or, maybe I'll forget them (on purpose) thus forcing one of us to visit the other again sooner rather than later? We'll see.

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