Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm bone dry

Today's epistle will be very short. I'm out of thoughts and ideas completely.

I am getting ready for six scrap-book events in the next three weeks, which means loading up supplies, getting my own pictures ready, and deciding which papers I'm going to let the ladies build on to make a page for their own albums.

As a teacher, this is something I love to do, because basically I'm teaching these ladies how to make their scrapbooks special.

I did tell Rosie and Rachel (two of my granddaughters) that when I was a girl, scrapbooking meant putting valentine cards that I got at school into a scrapbook I had, or my birthday cards into that book. Mom always made sure I did that. No family pictures, just cards. I recall the smell and taste of the paste. The paste tasted pretty good.

I wonder what ever happened to those scrapbooks.

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