Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I promise I shall publish a picture of the dog Alan rescued last weekend.  She's a two-month old (yes, I wrote "month", and no, it wasn't a mistake) daschi-uaua, he named Daschi (pronounced Dah-ksee).
Daschi-uaua is a chiuaua/daschund mixed.  She's the cutest thing, but I told him if he got a dog he was responsible for taking it out, cleaning up after it, etc.

Well, that lasted for about 24 hours.  Then I had to take over.  Alan got the flu, sort of, but he cleared up a lot faster than I did.  His "condition" lasted only 16 hours, just enough to let him know I was able to help with his pup. 

Anyway, I'm glad we could rescue a dog.  Alan has been asking for a dog for 11 years.  And after we got Daschi, he  tried to talk me into taking one of her sisters as well.  Didn't happen.  Even though I love dogs one dog is enough for me the rest of my life.


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