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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Promises broken?

I know I said I would write a short BLOG entry every weekday, but I broke that promise, concept, idea, hope, statement, etc., in less than one week.  I apologize.

I talked about the dog we rescued in my previous post.  Well, Doxi is turning out to be a real love of my husband.  He has wanted a pup to raise for about 10 years.  I finally acquiesced. 

Doxi is a real cute pup and cuddly at times, at least with me.  She goes mostly to Alan, which is as it should be since she's his pup to raise into doghood.

She won't get very large and I'm glad about that.  She is already paper trained, so we got those hospital-type pads to put on the floor.  We used up a couple the past few days, and she always heads for the mat and does what she's supposed to do. 

Alan also purchased one of those indoor grass boxes, like kity liter, except there's no renewable litter, you just wash the astroturf and empty the tray under the turf, and it's ready to go again. 

We'll see if it works.  I hope so.  Going downstairs to put her out at 3:30 a.m. hasn't really been fun.


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