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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mommy, continued

First, I had something written for Monday, which I missed, and then Tuesday, which I missed, and then Wednesday, which I missed, but I can't find it anywhere in my list of BLOGs.  So, this is a reprise sort of, and not at all what I had written for last Monday.

I watched the movie (again) called, "I remember Mama".  The very old TV series was based on the movie which was based on the stage play, which was based on a book entitled "Mama's Bank Account."  At least I think that is the proper way the various media went. 

I remember watching the TV series and loving it.  It was on Friday evenings, and I would go up the street to Wallace's (Linda was my best friend at that time) and watched it with their family.  We didn't have a TV.  First came Liberace's program, then came  "I remember Mama."

They were good, clean, programs.  Well tonight after about 10 hankies I finally finished watching the movie AGAIN.  And I know I'll watch it again and again, if the Lord gives me breath and TMC shows it again and again.  And I'll probably need 10 hankies the next times I view the movie like I did tonight.

Mama wasn't like my mommy, at least not the mommy I lived with at that time.  In retrospect, however, I guess all Mamas are like mother bears, very protective of their children, and while my mother's children had free-range of "yelling" distance in Runnemede, she was our mother bear in that few-block area.

On Friday evenings after Mama was over on TV, my mommy did not have to yell up the street to get me home, Aunt Peg (Linda's mother) would send me out the door at exactly 8:30 p.m. and I would get myself back home.


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