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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Days and...

Today it was raining -- all day long -- lots of rain. So, we didn't go to Hershey. The deciding factor was that Alan's legs were so very wobbly he decided since it was raining and he was wobbling that we'd wait until tomorrow -- our last day to go there. On Thursday, we're entertaining old college friends, and I'm doing the cooking.

Speaking of cooking: We found a great east-coast diner and went there tonight. Actually, it was only about two miles down the road. The food was wonderful, and I (and Alan, too) had a really hard time choosing what we wanted to eat. I settled for veal Parmesan and Alan has his usual ham. It was really good food. The sauce for the spaghetti was wonderful. Good salad. Great garlic bread.

We took cheesecake and cherry pie back to the condo for dessert before we leave here on Friday. I think we'll have it on Thursday night when I make dinner. I'm making spaghetti and sausage. It will be yummy. We're having "honeymoon" salad (lettuce alone) because I don't have anything I can add to the lettuce to make it anything other than a salad with a vinaigrette dressing. No tomatoes. No cucumbers. No nuts. No berries. No carrots. Nothing else but lettuce alone.

I saw a skunk tonight when we drove in. It was slithering into the neighbor's yard. Better them than us.

So, until tomorrow, when I'll try to report again, I'll say: ttfn.

PS: If you ever have a chance to read any books by Erynn Mangum, do so. She is so funny. Alan keeps reminding me to be quiet because I'm laughing so loud. Her Lauren Holbrook series, is hilarious.

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