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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Peace Rose.

Back of church.


The fifth picture is a holly bush/tree. My mother transplanted a small seedling from my holly bush (in Cincinnati) 27 years ago. And this is the result. Next is the 2nd Ave view of the school across the street that I attended for K-2, then grade 8. The name of the school is Grace Downing School, and the family is scheduled for a tour of the building at 7:45 on Monday morning. The Bridge Deli used to be Vince's Deli, where I bought hoagies for years and years and years. I went there today, and got a hoagie from the new owners. It was just as good as Vince's. Sooooo good. I shared it with Alan.
There is a picture in the group of my mother's iris, at least the late-blooming ones. Most of the iris in her garden were finished. The pink rose bush is a climbing bush and the roses are a very soft pink. Beautiful. I got a closeup of one of the roses. But the rose pictures in this group is a peace rose -- one of my mother's many rose bushes. Her name was Rose and I suppose that had something to do with her love for roses. I was dismayed, however, that her rose garden is now grass. There are only a few of her rose bushes left in the yard. The west yard has no roses left. It contains a shed and about 10 garbage cans. Not a nice view. And I added a picture of the back side of the church. That's the view from our house's back door. I didn't mention that the back porch was dry-walled making it a true three season porch. I imagine if a space heater was put out there it could be used year round.

I will take pictures of inside the house tonight, and my "view from the porch" at that time as well. I didn't have anyone to help me get up the steps today to get to the porch.
I have more pictures that I took around the town. I drove all around and took pictures from my car window. I'll get them posted another day.
I'll just say, ttfn.

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Bill Tracy said...

Keep up the good work, you happy hoagie eater

I'm enjoying it.