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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm losing it

This is a picture of my mom and her four children. I figure I'm about 8 in this picture. Probably in third grade. In order, left to right: Deb, me, Mark, Mom, on her lap, Carl.
I dialed my old home phone number (the 931 area code number) wanting to talk to my mom. Of course, I realized what I was doing in time to quit before the number went through. Duh!

My mom is with Jesus and has been for over 20 years. I was just thinking about her and was going to wish her a happy mother's day -- something I did NOT do very often when she was here on this earth. I feel bad about that. Mother's Day was not a holiday we celebrated very often in our house. Maybe that was because it just wasn't one of those days that was advertised very much (no TV) back then. There were no Hallmark stores. The local 5 & 10 didn't have mother's day cards, and unless my mom's birthday fell on the day after mother's day, I didn't even think about it.

I was also thinking last night about how often my mother went to school functions for me and my sister and brothers. She never joined the PTA -- it cost money she didn't have, but she went to the PTA meetings. She helped the PTA ladies with their events. Poor mom. I know she felt she needed to join PTA but she couldn't, so she helped when she could.

I recall vividly my mom sitting along the wall in my 1st grade (2nd grade) classroom, while we students put on a Christmas play of some sort. I had a small part. And my mother was the prettiest lady along that wall, except for perhaps Mrs. Lott -- the pastor's wife of the Lutheran Church across the street from our church. Mrs. Lott (Linda's mom -- one of my best friends at that time) was really a beautiful woman. I always thought that. But my mom was right up there with her.

I was so proud to have such a beautiful mother. And I always wondered if the kids whose moms I thought didn't measure up in the beauty department thought the same thing about their mother.

Aren't our own moms the most beautiful moms in the whole wide world? I think they are.


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