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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Alan and I went to Hershey yesterday (Wednesday). We sort of drove half way back to Ohio (not where we lived, but the border) and when we got there we went to the Antique Car Museum. I thought it would be a two-hour maximum thing. Stupid me. Alan needs to get his money's worth. We were there for four hours.

However -- and this is a big however -- we really had a good time. The whole day. The weather was mostly cloudy, but there were patches of blue -- the kind of blue that matches Alan's eyes. I told him that long ago, in a solar system far far away, it was his eyes that drew me to him. He had the most magnificent eyes. After four eye surgeries and 65 years of aging they aren't quite as forceful as they used to be, but they're still the same magnificent color of aqua marine.

While Alan went through the museum -- he used the seated walker and stopped between each exhibit to read -- I saw in the car and did all kinds of things. I read, I downloaded some more freebies to my Kindle, I made phone calls to family members to check in on what's going on with them for the upcoming weekend, and I inadvertently turned off my phone, so I didn't get a couple of calls.

One very sad call I received was from my sister, Deb, who absolutely can't make it to Runnemede unless God sends down some angels to transport her and pay for the trip. Jenny and her children won't be coming either. Jen's father-in-law is very ill and at this point being fed with a tube, etc. I did cry a bit last night (sorry Deb), and Alan was really sympathetic about it because he knows how much I was looking forward to having ALL my brothers and sister in one place for one last time. Oh well. God knows what he's doing, and for some reason he needs Deb to stay behind. I don't always understand what God does, nor why he does what He does, but I accept it, sometimes kicking, screaming, and crying. In this instance, only crying.

Deb-- I shall miss you most of all. My sister whom I've grown to love to much in the past four years. I guess I'm just going to have to dump on you (visit) in the month of July.

I was telling Alan, now that we've stop his Interferon shots, I feel so free to go places because I don't have to be home in three days to give him a shot. Speaking of which, he goes to the oncologist on June 4 and we'll find out then about the Interferon reactions he's been having.

So, today, is a beautiful day. Warm. I plan to sit in the sun and read a bit. Then, I'll get dinner ready for our friends from Rutgers who are visiting us tonight.

This will be my last post until I get to Runnemede -- hey that's tomorrow! I'll write from there.


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