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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm just bubbling

You all can't imagine. I've been bubbling in my soul all day.

First I was reading Karen Kingsbury's novel, Take One, and one of the children in the story told every one to PUSH -- PUSH stands for Pray Until Something Happens.

Well, I've been praying for so much regarding the 100th anniversary celebration in the past few weeks and I'll let you all in on just what.

First and foremost, that God will be glorified, and those who come in contact with any Drexler will know that we're different from the world.

I've been praying for health for all of us, Drexlers and church people. No broken bones, no lost teeth, no falls, etc., and I've been praying that God will provide the finances for all who are coming. That's a biggie since my son, Phil, is still out of work. I've been praying for safety when we all travel east.

There will 37 of us at dinner on that Saturday, and many more that I'm aware of at the lunch/dinner the church is having on Sunday.

Plus, I got exciting news of some people who will be coming to church on Sunday. News I didn't expect, and I shouted a loud "Hallelujah" and Alan wanted to know "who else is coming?" Isn't that fantastic. I guess I have a "someone else is coming Hallelujah" that he recognizes.

I'm bubbling when I think about it. And I just know I'm going to embarrass myself and dear Alan by giggling through the church service. That was something I did as a child/teenager/young adult and I'm afraid that giggle bubble will erupt during the church service that Sunday. I may have to stay outdoors (weather permitting) that day.

Anyway, I'm bubbling. Lori's BLOG is keeping track of how many more days, and we're heading east real soon.


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