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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Pictures to follow.

We had a great week in Tennessee. The weather cooperated amazingly. We had rain at night and one morning, I think. Today was yucky, but who cares, we checked out and came home and it was sunny by the time we got home.

Becky and her three children (and husband, Quinn, of course), and Phil and Amy and their four children joined us for the week. We sort of had an open-door policy between the condos, unless and until Me-mom (that's me) told the children that Me-mom was feeling pretty bad and could the little ones stay at their own place for a little bit.

I had planned around ten projects, crafts, a play, games, etc., and was only able to complete about half of what I had planned. Well, it turned out okay because instead of my activities, they all went swimming while I rested.

I'll post a supplement to this announcement that I am home again and getting caught up on all that I missed here and abroad this past week. I took my computer, but had no access to the Internet, so I have lots and lots of e-mails to go through, actually 153 NEW ones, and I left about 25 old ones that I was going to read and do something with this past week, but didn't. I had no Internet, so I had no Facebook. So I need to go through all my family members and try to reconstruct what I missed with them this week. And of course, because I had no Internet, I had no BLOGging ability. Bummer.


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