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Friday, January 16, 2009

One more from Christmas, then I'll stop.

I know there were things about the trip that were, shall we say, not so much fun. My dear D-I-L, still recovering from pneumonia, was in bed a great deal of the time. She's still not up to snuff. And memom sagged at the end of the week and never did do all the projects she had brought with her with all the children. Bummer. Well, some other time.

But here's one last picture, taken by Becky. This is the candy walk (like a cake walk, only using candy). Each grandchild was given 15 pennies and they had to work it out in their minds how they were going to spend those pennies and hopefully win their hands at getting the winning number so that the candy would be theirs. Poor Dan. He tried, he saved up because he really wanted one specific candy, but he was two pennies short and, yes, one of those other pennies won the candy he really, really wanted. Other than that, I think the kids loved the candy walk.

The one hand where no one won (an empty plate was a no-win, if that number was rolled) and it was decided to give that basket to the family (Cyndi's) that couldn't be with us in Tennessee. We missed them, and I think if they had been added to the mix we would have had an even better time.


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