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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family reunion long ago

I'm not too certain when this picture was taken, but I believe it was taken at my brother, Carl's, home in Williamstown, NJ. The child "hanging" over the top of the swing set is my Cyndi. She was about 7 or 8 in this picture (I'm guessing based on what she's wearing) so that means it was probably around 1980.

The "larger" person in the front is me. I haven't really changed that much, but I dress better now that I can afford something that doesn't come from Goodwill. Next to me is my mother. How frail she looks. And then comes my father. Note the suspenders and the tie. It must have been a really hot day or he would have had on his jacket. I'm surprised he doesn't have a dozen pens in his shirt pocket. He usually did. And next to my father is my sister, Debbie, who still looks just the same as she did then.

I always envied her because she always dressed so beautiful. I always looked frumpy, even when I was a size 5. Yes, folks I was once a size 5 (new size 0). Size 5 was the smallest you could get back when my nickname was "Olive Oyl" not because I looked like Olive Oyl, but because I was built like her. Stick!

Behind me is my brother Carl. He grew to be the tallest of the bunch. My dad was only 5 foot 8 inches, mom was five foot two or less. Next to Carl is Mark, my other brother. The one who hates broccoli.

I don't really remember why we all had this reunion, but I know it wasn't for my parents 50th anniversary, because my Cyndi was a teenager and she would never have been hanging over a swing set.

I suppose we had some reason for a reunion. Perhaps my sister and her family were visiting Jim's family in Delaware and we were visiting my mom, as was my brother, and we were able to get together. I can't imagine, though, my five and my brother's five in the little house on second avenue, all at the same time. But then, I'm remembering less and less as the days go by.


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Lori said...

I don't remember what the "reunion" was for either, but I do remember we stayed at Aunt Anne's when you guys stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's. Don't know where Aunt Debbie stayed. I wonder if Aunt Debbie came up, but not her whole family, because I don't really remember meeting her family until we all were at your house for Thanksgiving when I was in 7th or 8th grade. Anyway, the back of the picture says "Family Reunion June 18, 1982". I remember a bit about that day, specifically us all having to take pictures and Micah and Joe playing a lot, but that's about it. One of the only times we were all together like that until their 50th anniversary and later Grandma's funeral. :-(