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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old friends

I think about the friends I had in Runnemede and wonder where they are. There were my school friends, my "block" friends, my church friends, and my "just friends."

I found a few on line, corresponded with them a couple of times, and then lost touch again. It's my own fault, really. I should be more tenacious about keeping in touch with them.

I do correspond sort of frequently with one of my bridesmaids who still lives in New Jersey, but not in Runnemede. Although until she retired last year, she was a teacher in the Runnemede school system. Does that count?

I found a church friend who became a doctor and is now living in Washington, DC and working at a hospital in Northern Virginia. I only write to her on her birthday. She writes back, then I respond, and that's it until the next year.

I've had a couple of friends contact me -- friends from high school -- and I've written back, but that's as far as the contact has gone.

I know God puts people on your heart to pray for, so today must be a day to remember "old friends" in prayer, naming them one by one.

Pray for those friends of years gone by today. You don't know what their needs are, but God does.


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