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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jog

How's this for a Charlie Brown's Christmas tree? I got it at Dollar General for $12.50, $15 if you throw in the ornaments. It's a six-foot prelit, very sparse Christmas tree, but the children loved it and Matt our youngest grandchild decorated it. Later Rosie made a chain of green and red paper and that was hung on the tree as well. Those ornaments twinkle as they twist and turn because of air currents. Really quite attractive when all the other lights are out.
Here's Matt and his mommy, Amy. Amy was so very ill the entire week. She's still recovering from pneumonia and she was not up to snuff, as we used to say. Can't say who felt worse this past week, Amy or Me-Mom.

This is Annie. Beautiful Annie. I have always "signed" that to her since she was a baby. And she is living up to it. Such a sweet child. Don't you just loooove the hat? It's got sequins sewn into it.
All the girls received scarves that I had knitted. And I think they must have liked them because they wore them each time they went outdoors, even though it wasn't really that cold outside.

And this is Grace. Quiet, helpful, cutie-pie Grace. Her name says it: She is our Grace. We love her to bits. And she just stays in the background, but is right there when you need her.

Well, these are just a few of the pictures I took while we were in Tennessee.
Alan and I love Crossville, TN. It's a quiet place and the resorts (there are four that we're aware of) are back in the woods, on lakes, and we are so able to relax. Another added bonus is that my cousin, David Evangelista, Aunt Daisy's ONLY son, lives there. And while we cousins are aging more rapidly than we'd like, it's nice to know that even in such a tranquil, bucolic place, we can get together and enjoy each other's company.

Unfortunately, this trip that didn't happen. Dave and his wife, Linda, were visiting family in California, while we were in Crossville, and they arrived home shortly before we left. The only window of opportunity was a day when I could barely move, so we cancelled our planned get together.

But, I know you're all just interested in the family pictures anyway. So enjoy.


Lori said...

Is Amy feeling any better at all? Man! That's just hit her like a ton of bricks, hasn't it. I hope she continues to recover. I know how hard it is for the house to keep on running smoothly when mom is sick. Get Well Soon Amy!!!

The rest of the pictures are great too. Your grandkids are just adorable. Each and every one of them!

Amy said...

I'm feeling better as long as I don't try to do too much housework. Too much activity means I get tired and out of breath and just *have* to sit down and play on Facebook or email. lol I'm headed to the doctor on Wed. so we'll see what he says.

Amy said...

I'm feeling better as long as I don't do too much housework or running errands or whatever. Too much activity and I get short of breath and really tired, which means I just *have* to play on Facebook or email. lol