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Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas

I remember as a child that the day after Christmas was one of just playing QUIETLY with our new toy -- we each received one new toy from our mom and dad. Once in a while we would get an additional toy from the town Santa (one of the volunteer firemen), but not very often. All the other gifts we received from either church members or family were some sort of clothing. My brothers hated getting socks and I wasn't particularly enamoured when I got a new scarf or a handkerchief, but these items were sorely needed by us and we really should have appreciated them more than we did. When I reached the teenage years, I was finally at a stage in my life when I appreciated the clothing items people gave me.

Well, today is another day after Christmas and we are preparing for our Christmas get together which is taking up our quiet time that has been a tradition for the "day after."

Since the children left home -- and I often felt bad for my mom and dad after all their children were gone -- we do very little to celebrate Christmas. I'm sure it was the same for my mother and father. And while I always called mom on Christmas, I knew that they probably hadn't even decorated their home.

My children have their own families now, and we have ourselves. But we try to get together with each of the famlies either singularly or as a group.

This year, while we met with one family alone, the other two families will be joining us for a big party. We're looking forward to it and the noise!


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