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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Talk about pictures

It never ceases to amaze me the things we find when we open a box that has been in storage now for almost 8 years. Today we opened another box!!!! Only about 70 more to go. :)

In that box was a file and in that file were all kinds of things. It was labeled "family stuff" and it contained among other things thes two pictures of my sister, Debbie, that I've posted above. Doesn't she look absolutely beautiful. She was about 18 in both of these pictures.

Now, if you've checked out Lori's BLOG (All because two people fell in love -- or something like that -- it's listed as one of my favorites, check it out) you'll know that yesterday she posted a picture of herself from the past, and the biggest item in that picture was the hair. Well, notice my sister's hairstyle in the pictures. Just typical mid-60s flips. And what's amazing is that her hair is normally as curly as Lori's, but she was able for these pictures to get her hair to behave somewhat. Anyway, I think she looks just beautiful in those pictures. And if I put up a current picture, except for a little graying, you'd see that she still is as beautiful as she was when she was 20.

So? What else was in the box? I know you want to know.

Well, there were several items from Alan's work days, which I skipped through and left for him to dispose of. But there was a New Testament w/Psalms -- probably my first one -- it's dated 1952, and I would have been 9 when my father gave it to me. It's very small. Pocket size, has leather binding and gold leaf on the outside of the pages. I will pass that on to one of my grandchildren some day.

Also in that box, which I will put in one of my albums are two bills of sale. One is for my second car -- a 1965 Chevelle. Total cost? $2263.95 after trade-in of my 1950 Pontiac -- which I wish I hadn't traded in. I loved that car (my first car). But then doesn't everyone love their first car and wish they kept it?

Then there was also a bill of sale for our first car (Alan's and mine together after we were married). It was a 1968 Pontiac Lemans convertible -- RED. Total cost? $3835.00. He finally gave that car away to a charity for the tax deduction just before we moved here -- that would be 8 years ago.

Alan doesn't throw anything away. I mean nothing! If something gets pitched, I do the pitching. But I'm glad he kept some of these things and they will go in the family albums for my children and grandchildren to pitch.

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Lori said...

I never realized how much Heather looks like Debbie. Maybe it's the dimples, but they look so alike! Beautiful pictures of Debbie by the way.

Judi Hahn said...

If you ever saw a picture of our cousin Grace (Aunt Daisy's middle child) you would see a really amazing resemblance. I know Grace is in a couple of "album" pictures, maybe you can pick her out.