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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Confession time

I have to confess that I didn't really have much of a relationship with my mother-in-law. We were polite with each other, but we didn't really get close. Whether that was my fault or hers, it doesn't matter.

I was determined that when I had a daughter-in-law, I would try real hard to get close to her and treat her as a daughter. And I really think I have. I love my daughter-in-law -- and it's hard for me to write "daughter-in-law" because I really think of Amy as my daughter.

She and I get along very well. If there is a problem between us, I don't see it. I love her to bits and she is really a lot like me (poor thing).

First and foremost, we both love my son, Phil. And Phil found the best wife ever and she is perfect for him.

I made a comment at dinner tonight, and Phil was so pleased. I had made as part of the dinner, mashed potatoes, and they were lumpless, but I didn't think they tasted all that good. All I said was, "Amy you make such good mashed potatoes, I wish I could make them as well as you do." Phil beamed. But Amy does make the best mashed potatoes I've ever tasted. And she makes several other dishes much better than I -- ham for instance. I just don't make a good baked ham. It is always dried out, and tastes yucky.

I know Phil remarks about my cooking to Amy and I hope she doesn't harbor any inferior feelings about her own cooking. We all have our nitch. And men always think their moms were the best cooks ever. My own husband wishes I would bake like his mom. Not gonna happen, not in this lifetime. I hate to bake. I love to cook and experiment with sauces and gravies and reductions and vegetable dishes, but I don't like to bake.

So I learned to make the most awesome sandwiches in the world. And my husband likes -- no, he loves sandwiches. It's his favorite thing to eat. He could live on sandwiches. Now, he still loves the sweets, as the ladies in our community can attest to -- he always gravitates to the dessert table at community functions -- but he does love those sandwiches.

Anyway, here's to you Amy. I love you and am so glad you are in my family.

DTC - 13


Amy said...

Thanks :-) I can never laugh at any of the mother-in-law jokes I hear because first of all, they're not funny and second of all, I don't think I have a mother-in-law. I have a mom. I love spending time with you; you're easy to talk to and just lots of fun!!

And you do cook wonderfully, but I don't think less of my cooking because of it. When my kids are grown and gone maybe I'll experiment more with cooking. Until then, I'll stick to the easy stuff my kids like. No big deal.

Judi Hahn said...

Great attitude. I couldn't do any great cooking when my children were small either. It wasn't until they left home that I could finally get some good pots and do some good, experimental cooking.

Love ya.