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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"A Christmas Carol"

One of our traditions as a child was to listen to the recording of "A Christmas Carol" on which Lionel Barrymore played the part of Ebineezer Scrooge. We'd sit on the floor and watch the box where the sound came out of our "victrola" and were transported in our mind to another place, another time. I do have very fond memories of nagging my father to let me hear that recording day in and day out, and I think I "won" in my mind the battle at least four or five times during the month of December.

Well, I was watching the first sound movie of that Christmas classic and found out something very interesting.

Lionel Barrymore was slated to play the lead in the movie, but he had an accident which paralyzed him and so Reginald Owen played the part of Scrooge in the movie, but apparently since he didn't have to do any walking in order to make the recording (vinyl record set -- 4 records, 8 sides) he made the audio recording.

I thought that was an interesting bit of trivia. I always picture Lionel Barrymore as playing Scrooge, but never saw him in any of the many movies of the book. And now I know why.

I wonder, does my brother Mark have this record, too? I know he has "Hatchie Melatchie." :)

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Lori said...

I'm almost positive he has this record. I remember hearing it all the time. He's even played it for my kids. He has that and the Hansel and Gretel one that we used to listen to as kids as well. Was that one you guys had as kids too?