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Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks to Lori

Thanks to Lori (Mark's daughter, my niece) I will have some items to add to this BLOG in the next few days. She asked plenty of questions and she wants pictures. That might not happen as the pictures are GLUED IN, STUCK TO, NOT REMOVABLE FROM albums. And, if I haven't already scanned the pictures she requested, there won't be pictures to go along with the answers to her questions.

I have bookmarked previous entries to let you know that I've already answered a question, so today's question -- What about the day my brother Carl was born? has already been BLOGged and I linked it with Carl's birthday.

So if you go to the links on the side of this that list the subjects of my BLOGs.

Clear? If not, call me. You have my number.


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