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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Post -- another family saying

I was talking with Debbie (my sister) today. I can't believe we talked for at least an hour. When she called I was watching Geronimo with Alan (a movie I've not seen) and frankly I was a little bored. I loved westerns, but this one was beating a dead horse-- literally!

So we talked and while I have writer's block and have had it for a few days, we remembered another family saying. Are you ready for it? Here is comes!

"Another birthday. I will not live to see another birthday. The years haven't been kind."

Okay, everyone, who said that..every year, every Christmas (substitute the appropriate holiday for the word birthday in the quote), every anniversary? Bingo! My father.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. When he was 45 he said it, when he was 50 he said it, when he was 90 he said it. Finally, when he was 93 he meant it. It caught up with him.

We were also remembering that no matter whose birthday it was, his, mom's, mine, sis's, Mark's, Carl's -- we ALL got a gift -- usually a dime or a quarter -- which in those days was a lot of cash for us. When I got older, was married, and moved away, he ALWAYS sent me a check for his birthday (made out to me), a check for my birthday, and a check for mom's birthday. I know my brother and I used to compare notes to see who got the biggest check on these occasions. They were all the same.

You know, I still look for the card in the mail with the check in it on my birthday. Sadly, they don't come any more. But I know that he is with his heavenly father whose riches far surpass anything I could even thing about.

So: Add to sayings -- another year, another birthday, I won't live to see another one, the years haven't been kind. And you must say it in a whiney voice!

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