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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Garden Tea

My mother loved tea. I never caught the "tea fever" as I call it, that she had or that my sister has. Tea is okay over ice with lots of sugar. Drink it hot, I need at least 10 lumps (of sugar). Alan and I enjoy sharing a cup of tea late in the afternoon on cold, blustery, wintry days, otherwise, I prefer just plain water.
I'm attending a Garden Tea tomorrow. It's a church women's affair and I'm going with my daughter and granddaughter. I am going to dress as I think one should dress for such an event. A floral, flowing dress, a hat, and gloves. Now the gloves no longer fit me. I was going to wear the ones I wore to my wedding. Alas, my hands are too fat anymore to go into them. So, I shall carry them in a glove carrier.

Does anyone remember glove carriers? They were a generally a small ring-like clamp on one end, and a small chain was affixed to the center which was attached to a rounded item that is like what is on the end of a key chain. You could hang them from your purse. This picture of one is not unlike one I had when I was wearing gloves everyday. It was part of my "work" uniform.
And, oh yes, I'm carrying a purse. I don't usually do that, but tomorrow I shall have a purse that matches my shoes, hat, gloves, and dress. I'll get someone to take a picture and then I'll post is in a few days. Man, I haven't had this much fun dressing up for years!
I just read a book about tea and the art of having an afternoon tea. This one is in the morning, but I assume the same "rules" will apply. Did you know that used tea bags are good for drawing fire from tired eyes, and if you have a sty, they are also good for that. Now, I think they were talking about the old fashioned tea, no flavoring in them, but I'm thinking about trying that.
Tea time: The mere chink of cups and saucers turns the mind to happy repose. (George Gissing)
I'm looking forward to this event.

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