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Monday, August 25, 2008


I have been trying all day to change the backgrond on my BLOG. No such luck. If any of you who are using "Cutest Blog" know how to DELETE their backgrounds, let me know. I don't like what's there, and even following their directions, I can't change to another one of their backgrounds, let alone Blogspot -- which is where I really want to be.


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Lori said...

If you want to change the background, go to the website, find another background you like. Copy the linky thing that starts with the word "style" and is a long addy for it. Go to the layout section of your blog page and find the thing you already have saved under the "html/javascript" thing and erase that and paste the new one you copied from the website. Save it and it should be fine. If you just want a blogspot background back, then just go to the "html" thing I told you about earlier and hit the button that says "remove". Hope that helps!!