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Monday, August 11, 2008


MTF -- Do any of you recall that when you got a letter in the mail -- no e-mail -- there was a real signature, then below that was typed the name of the person whose signature appeared and below that was the initials of the signatory and his secretary or the person who typed the letter?

It looked like this:

Scribbled signature

Judi Hahn (typed)


See the JDH:mtf -- well that's how I would sign my letters when we had The Wordshop a business venture and adventure my husband thought up that kept me working 24/7 and earning our family zilch! Another tale for another time.

MTF stood for "my ten fingers". You see I had typed the letter so I figured I should give myself some credit, and it would look like I had an actual secretary.

In my younger years, MTF stood for "my two fingers" and I dare say a lot of people could use MTF to stand for "mtf" having never been taught to type properly.

Thought you'd want to know that.


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Fro said...

Hmm. That does look familiar. Don't know if I ever saw it from you, but I certainly saw it in my early office days when word processors were a new thing. :) I always wondered what the codes meant--everyone's was different, and I always thought it was something really important and cryptic. Wonder if the others were more humorous, like yours.