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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visit almost over

I am not posting any pictures of my brother and his wife. My brother, Mark, has been in a lot of pain this week. What is it with us Drexlers? He has a bad sciatic nerve, I have a bad sciatic nerve, Deb has one, and I think my brother Carl complains of back/hip pain as well. I know my mom suffered from it. And I know at least one of my cousins does.

So, my brother has been a wretch this week (wretch is one of the Drexler "sayings"). He is just being a bear, and I really understand why. When a person is in pain they tend to be nasty, and I also know that the sciatic pain is not fun.

He was supposed to go to the doctor yesterday, and Sue (his wife) and I got it all wrong (we didn't really, but he said we did) and so he didn't get to the doctor after all, so no relief is forthcoming because he's "too busy" today to see the doctor.

Here's what happened: The doctor called here and Mark wasn't home, he was driving Alan down to the Israel conference they're both attending. He has said we should let the answering machine get the call, but we didn't. Sue let me take the messages from the doctor's office. The first one was about the time, and we called Mark and he said the time for the appointment was fine.

The doctor's office called back and told me exactly how to get to their office. Well, it happens that there are five offices in that building, and my brother wasn't sure which doctor in that building was the one he was to see. His doctor had the day off, apparently, and the substitute was seeing him. Well, since the doctors office said when they called, "This is Dr. *(&)&$#'s office" and went on about the time and place, I didn't catch the name of the doctor, nor did Sue. So, you see it was our fault he didn't get his care yesterday, and is suffering even more today.

Regarding the word "wretch". It doesn't mean to throw up or anything like that. A "wretch" is a person who is just being nasty and not pleasant to those around them.

So, it just another day in the life....

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