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Saturday, July 18, 2009

More on the Courtship of Alan and Judi

When Alan and I were teenagers -- before he went back to Kenya with his parents -- there was a program on TV called The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (Dobie Gillis for short). Well, it was one of Alan's and my favorite programs. We would actually get on the phone, and sit with phone in hand and watch the program together. I can't remember any other TV programs of that half-year (1959-60) except Dobie Gillis.

The thing is that this started one or two customs in our own lives. There were three main characters: Dobie, Maynard G. Krebs, and Zelda Gilroy. Zelda really, really liked Dobie, who being a real cute boy would have nothing to do with the very nerdy Zelda. Maynard was Dobie's best bud.

Maynard did not like to work. Not at all. In fact, whenever he heard the word "work" he would scrunch up his face and contort his body and shout "work!" Not a good thing for the poor boy. Maynard was not a very good influence on Dobie I don't think.

Zelda was NOT going to be sluffed off by Dobie and every chance she got she would twitch her noseat him. His reaction? Reflex twitch back. Then he would say, "Now stop that." Alan liked to wink at me at the most embarrassing times, mainly when we were not supposed to even know each other or were in church or in a "separatist" camp setting. That means no boys and girls having any kind of communication with each other.

Zelda called Dobie, "Poopsie." I began calling Alan Honey Woney -- something I still do today. He started calling me, now get this, Darling Twosie. I asked him why he did that -- and he really did it after the first time to irritate me -- and he told me I called him Honey "one-y". He heard the number "one" not the rhyme of honey. So he called me Darling "twosie". Stupid, right? Well, he was the nerd, not I!

Thought you'd want to know that.


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Rose said...

These are so sweet!! Thanks for posting the courtship stories. And Maynard was so funny :-)