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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm in Mt. Airy, NC -- add this to the sayings list

I'm visiting my sister, Deb, and while she's at work I'm putting up a short message of another word we discovered from our childhood while we were preparing dinner -- well, she was preparing the dinner, I was standing around trying to look and sound useful. The word is MEESH, necessarily in all caps, just wanted the word to stand out.

What's a "meesh". Well it isn't a thing exactly. And it's very hard to describe, but here goes, by example.

Last night Deb was making salads for all of us in individual dishes. Well, one dish was definitely missing some lettuce, so I said "meesh" -- it just slipped out. Meaning not enough of that product in this pot. "meesh" is a word of unknown origin which we used in our childhood years, and which now will be used again, I suppose, to indicate that we had been short-slipped something on our food place, or not enough was place on our platter.

It was a word that was especially useful with our father who tended to be very stingy with candy. I've mentioned before about the cutting up of one small Irish potato to be shared amongst the four of his children, and when handed this small morsel of delight, we would all in one accord say to him, "Meesh."

So, I guess it means, too small a portion.


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