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Monday, July 6, 2009

Broccoli Wars

While I'm gathering old pictures, I have to say something about my niece's (Lori's) crusade. She is a broccoli hater. She is now posting pictures of the broccoli haters. Do I have to waste time and energy posting pictures of broccoli lovers? I suppose I do.

So, all you broccoli lovers out there -- you know who you are -- please let me know that you love that great green veggie and don't mind having your picture posted, or any anonymous "friend" listing.

Think about it. It's such a good-tasting veggie raw or cooked -- although I have to admit I prefer it cooked. Raw doesn't have much taste unless you gop it up with ranch dressing.

Now, don't put off commenting and letting me know that you love broccoli. And I don't want any hate mail, so don't even think about that.

I'm waiting!



Notes from the Holler said...

Broccoli -- bleh!

Lori said...

All negative and hateful comments directed at broccoli will be enthusiastically welcomed over at my blog... :-)